Club Shop Update

As we approach the end of the season, we would like to share the following update on the current club shop, which has now closed in its current form.

We have decided to close the shop based on these key reasons:

  • To create a viable retail store, the club needed to carry large quantities of stock to ensure we could offer multiple items in various sizes. This is not cost effective and puts a large strain on the initial cost of purchasing the stock. In addition, the many items left at the end of the year must be sold off at prices that are at a cost to the club.
  • Within our new kit deal with VX3, the branding of all items will be done in the factory before they come to the club meaning that we no longer require a print workshop.
  • The club aim to utilise the club shop building for additional office space for our growing staff team.
  • All non-kit items such as pin badges, scarves and hats are already sold through our bar kiosks and we plan to continue this and extend the offer of these items through these sales areas.
  • A pop-up shop near the turnstile has worked very well as a trial over our recent games and this is something that we aim to continue for selected matches.

We look forward to a bright future with VX3 and plan to extend the product range to our supporters and players. We are currently building a new online shop with a product range set to be released at the end of the current season. This will offer a far greater product range giving our customers greater choice with improved delivery times. We will still plan to hold a small stock of popular items such as replica shirts.

The increased number of people proudly wearing the Redditch United crest has increased dramatically over recent seasons and we are committed to continuing to provide high quality items to our club members to help them show their love for our club.

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